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Sell gold Jewellery at the best prices in Melbourne

Get instant cash for gold in your hands today!

Sometimes, we may get to a point in life when we need or want fast cash. Whether it's bills or just wanting to go shopping, if you need cash for gold, come visit Pawnbrokers Melbourne, one of the top gold buyers Melbourne.

Among all the gold buyers Melbourne, we offer the highest cash for gold payments with our simple process when selling gold to us.

We accept all kind of gold items ranging from gold jewellery, gold watches, gold coins and gold bullion. We have a straightforward process to test and evaluate your gold items that you bring to our store. Our gold experts have a great deal of experience in what they do and therefore, you can expect a fast professional assessment of tour gold items you have and fast cash for gold Melbourne in hand.

Visit our store in Melbourne to sell gold jewellery or any other gold item now!

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Gold Carat Price
24ct (99% Pure) Gold Items: $106.00 Per Gram
22ct (91% Pure) Gold Items: $97.19 Per Gram
21.6ct (90% Pure) Gold Items: $95.50 Per Gram
21ct (87% Pure) Gold Items: $92.84 Per Gram
20ct (83% Pure) Gold Items: $88.39 Per Gram
18ct (75% Pure) Gold Items: $79.58 Per Gram
15ct (62% Pure) Gold Items: $66.32 Per Gram
14ct (58% Pure) Gold Items: $61.86 Per Gram
10ct (41% Pure) Gold Items: $44.14 Per Gram
9ct (37% Pure) Gold Items: $39.79 Per Gram
8ct (33% Pure) Gold Items: $35.33 Per Gram
Bullion Type We Sell For We Pay You
1 ozt 9999 Gold Bar $3,654 $3,505
100 gram 9999 Gold Bar $11,737 $11,271
5 ozt 9999 Gold Bar $18,217 $17,529
500 gram 9999 Gold Bar $58,452 $56,357
1 kilogram 9999 Gold Bar $116,812 $112,714
10 ozt 999 Silver Bar $479 $382
1 kilogram 999 Silver Bar $1,446 $1,229

Buy & Sell Gold Bullion with our Melbourne gold buyers

Buy and Sell Gold Bullion in Melbourne and Geelong

Whether you are looking to invest in gold or feel it's time to sell some of your gold bullion or sell gold coins, we can assist you with obtaining the highest possible prices and best service available.

Both our gold dealers offices in Melbourne and Geelong can assist you with any bullion related transactions, speak with our staff today to buy or sell gold and silver bullion with confidence

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How can you know the correct estimate value of your gold?

Do you know that most gold buyers and jewellers use a simple acid test to test and valuate the amount of gold have? Well, it isn't quite the right procedure to fully evaluate what carat gold you may have. That's why we have gold testing experts who can test and analyse the gold using the latest XRF technology. This means you we will accurately be able to test and advise you what karat jewellery it is you have to sell. This will assist in getting the highest cash payments in Melbourne.

All you need to do is to come to our store in Melbourne with your gold and valid ID. Our gold experts will evaluate your gold item's right in front of you and give you an estimate. We will then provide you instant cash in hand as you sell gold.

Sell gold jewellery Melbourne at your convenience at our store.

The best place to sell gold in Melbourne

We are Melbourne's most popular gold buyers

We are one of the most experienced and trustworthy gold buyers Melbourne which is why we have repeat customers coming back to us. Due to our immense knowledge in gold evaluations, we are confident in providing you with the highest cash payments for all your gold items.

Simple gold buying and gold selling process

Unlike banks or other financial institutions that put you through a long tedious process to get a personal loan, You can sell your or loan your gold items to us and get a fair price without the stress and hassle of going through a bank.

Generous cash for gold payments

As we adopt a highly scientific approach to estimating the value of gold, you can trust us that you will receive the most accurate quote before selling your gold to us. In a time of need you can always rely on our gold buyers Melbourne service.

Deal direct with our gold buyers refinery and get rid of middle man

When you go through a middle man like a jeweller, they have to buy gold from you at a lower rate to on-sell it to gold buyers like ourselves. Cut out the middle man and deal direct with us to get highest cash payouts.

Sell Gold or Buy Gold in Melbourne

Not only can you sell gold to us, but you can also even buy back the gold bullion from us at some competitive rates in Melbourne. So, no matter if you want to buy or sell gold, we are the place to go in Melbourne.

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