Sell or Pawn Gold Jewellery

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Loan Gold Jewellery, How does it work?

Consider pawning your valuable gold jewellery items with Melbourne Pawnbrokers. Not only do you free up some cash using your beloved gold jewellery as colleterial you can put the money to better use or use your gold jewellery like a line of credit.

Free secure storage when pawning or taking a gold loan with PBM. All gold jewellery items are stored securely onsite in our high security vault.

No credit reporting with PBM to take out a loan. Melbourne Pawn Brokers gives you the deposit for your family house, the money required to start a busine or your dream holiday.

Cash on the spot for instant action and success.

Sell Gold Jewellery, How does it work?

Need of cash with no loan, Pawn Brokers Melbourne Buy Gold Jewellery.

PBM assesses your Gold Jewellery and provide an instant cash price.

Offering the best price in Melbourne for old, broken, unused heirloom gold jewellery. Fast and easy with no hidden fees.

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    Pawn loans are expedient.

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    No appointments are necessary.

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    Terms and rates can be highly favourable.

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    Pawn loans offer the opportunity to reclaim your jewellery.